Development of Low Bend FRP Rod for FTTH Cables

Recent years have seen the wide-scale deployment of optical fiber, with the rapid adoption of fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) and the fiber cable extended closer to end-users. Fiber-to-thehome
(FTTH), as the technology for broadband access, has
seen significant deployments in Asia-Pacific region, North
America, and Northern and Western Europe. The global
market for Fiber-to-the-Home/Building (FTTH/B) estimated
at US$14.1 billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a
revised size of US$29.7 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR
of 13.1% over the analysis period

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Interwire 2023 Preview

The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc. announces details of its annual conference program, offered May 9 to 11, 2023 in conjunction with Interwire 2023 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA, USA. Presentations include two keynote addresses, a featured speaker, focused sessions on Industry 4.0, the Workforce and Extrusion/Polymers as well as Industry Outlook panel sessions, nine technical sessions, a Mordica lecture and production solution demonstrations as outlined below. All are included with Conference and Exhibit registration.

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Automated Test System for Cold Finishing Specialty Steel Mill

Magnetic Analysis Corporation, a designer and producer of NDT instruments and systems for 95 years, is supplying a comprehensive automated test system to a precision cold finishing specialty steel mill that specializes in close-tolerance round bar products. This precision cold finishing specialty steel mill must be capable of providing the company’s customers with clean, round and straight precision round bar that is ready to be used as bar stock for manufacturing finished parts such as bearing shafts and other critical parts. And to do this, the company relies on accurate inspection using nondestructive testing technologies.

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Innovative Rod Welding Systems Power Up Productivity

Rod producers with downstream wire drawing facilities recognize the benefits of cold welding. Cold welding machines consume much less power than electrical butt welders, and the process is quicker and easier. Weld quality is excellent because the process produces a worked structure as opposed to the cast structure obtained in fusion welding.

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Design Carbon Black for High-Voltage Power Cable Application

In 2021, semicon wire and cable applications consumed 79 million KT of conductive carbon blacks. As one of the largest growth segments for specialty carbon blacks, demand in this market is forecast to grow 7% per year to 111 KT in 20261. This market relates to carbon blacks used in the conductor shield and the insulation shield, which are essential components for delivering desired conductive performance for cable protection.

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