If you are looking to reach wire and cable processors, distributors and users, the Wire Harness & Cable Connector is for you. The “magazine in a magazine” section is directed specifically to your best customers and prospects. This targeted section within the world’s most respected wire and cable industry publication delivers a focused selling tool to the wire and cable processor, distributor and end-user. Wire Harness & Cable Connector circulation includes over 10,000 worldwide Wire Harness & Cable Technology International subscribers plus bonus distribution to Wire Processing Technology Expo and ATExpo (Wire Processor) show registration lists.

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Recent WHCC Articles

Expo WireTech Preview

Expo WireTech takes place October 4 and 5, 2023, at the Expo Convention Center, which is located in Chihuahua, Mexico.

How Politics in Mexico Are Affecting Manufacturers Everywhere

by John Paul McDaris, Entrada Group It was just over five years ago that companies were enticed by the business-friendly

Case Study: Game-Changing Resultswith New Cut and Strip Machines

Buckeye Electrical, located in Botkins, OH, USA, is a family owned and operated manufacturer of custom wire harness and cable

Automated Wire Marking System

Ideal for applying self-laminating and flag labels to wires, cables and harnesses, the durable VortexID from IDENTCO, Ingleside, IL, USA,can

Wiring System Reinvented Using Zonal Architectures

Wiring systems are facing disruptive changes. High-performance computers and a clear structure are preparing them for automated driving, digitalization and

Redefining the Wire Harness Industry with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

David Selliman of Cableteque, reports that Artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly weaving its way into the industrial fabric, revolutionizing

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