If you are looking to reach wire and cable processors, distributors and users, the Wire Harness & Cable Connector is for you. The “magazine in a magazine” section is directed specifically to your best customers and prospects. This targeted section within the world’s most respected wire and cable industry publication delivers a focused selling tool to the wire and cable processor, distributor and end-user. Wire Harness & Cable Connector circulation includes over 10,000 worldwide Wire Harness & Cable Technology International subscribers plus bonus distribution to Wire Processing Technology Expo and ATExpo (Wire Processor) show registration lists.

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Recent WHCC Articles

The Fragility of the Deal Process

by Loren M. Smith, CEO, Blue Valley Capital LLC Two key words that come to mind in the world of

Preview: EWPTE 2023

The Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (EWPTE) will be held in person at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI, USA,

Digital Lean Wiring for Data Preparation

When Thomas Linder discovered Komax Group’s Digital Lean Wiring (DLW), the die was cast. As the head of control cabinet

Production Testing of Single Pair Ethernet Wiring in Cable Harness

The article reviews the relevant Standards for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) and the parameters that need to be measured for compliance to the Standards. Reference Methods for Testing and Measurement addressed in the Standards are suitable for R&D and Laboratory environment. Alternate methods for Production Testing will be discussed.

WHMA Wire Harness Conference Report

Lead, educate and connect were resounding themes throughout the 2023 WHMA 30th Annual Wire Harness Conference held at the Sandia

Why Wire Harness Companies Keep Moving to Mexico

by JP McDaris, Entrada What’s the common thread (or wire) between a Detroit-based company that makes wire harness assemblies for

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