If you are looking to reach wire and cable processors, distributors and users, the Wire Harness & Cable Connector is for you. The “magazine in a magazine” section is directed specifically to your best customers and prospects. This targeted section within the world’s most respected wire and cable industry publication delivers a focused selling tool to the wire and cable processor, distributor and end-user. Wire Harness & Cable Connector circulation includes over 10,000 worldwide Wire Harness & Cable Technology International subscribers plus bonus distribution to Wire Processing Technology Expo and ATExpo (Wire Processor) show registration lists.

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Recent WHCC Articles

Central Mexico: Affordable, Nearshore Wire Harness Cable Solution

by JP McDaris, Entrada Group The future for the sector lies in Mexico’s interior, where we hire up to 100

Electric Cars in the Fast Lane

Electric vehicles are gaining strong momentum in the automotive market. High growth rates in new registrations are already driving the

Software Solutions for Designing Electrical Wire Harness & Cabling Projects

by Glenn Larson, Vias3D Engineers and product designers in transportation, mobility, aerospace, defense and industrial equipment manufacturing face significant challenges

PIP (3.1) – What is it?

by Christine Sieber, Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association The EPA issued a new Proposed Rule to extend the risk management compliance

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Technology Evolves To Bond Larger Power Cables

by Craig Birrittella, Emerson Since the advent of electric vehicles, many customers have had to endure long hours of battery-charging

Analysis, Optimization & Verification of an HV Connector

by Dr. Thomas Gneiting, Admos GmbH Due to the increasing density of electronics and microprocessor technology in electric vehicles, the

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