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Cutting-Edge Heat Stabilizers for PVC Wire & Cable

In the past, most heat stabilizers for PVC wire and cables were lead-based. As awareness of safety and health issues grows around the world, health and environmental regulations are becoming more and more stringent every day. The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) notes in a risk management option analysis (RMOA) that lead and lead compounds are classified under the CLP Regulation as category 1A substances toxic to reproduction, toxic following prolonged and repeated exposure, and hazardous to aquatic life. Lead stabilizers are therefore now banned for various applications in many countries and have been replaced by alternatives

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Turning Recycling into Circularity

In the 1960s, with no environmental requirements, nor regulations, NKT A/S, located in Brøndby, Denmark, pioneered the first methods to recycle cable scrap. And for more than 50 years has developed best practice processes for cable scrap recycling. And the legacy of cable scrap recycling continues at NKT to this day, ensuring the re-use of materials along with the sustainable disposal of nonrecyclable cable components.
The need for recycling of production scrap from power cables has increased steadily over the years, reflecting our society’s increased focus on re-use of the resources

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