Reels Roundup

Compiled by the editors of Wire & Cable Technology International. Suppliers have responded to our call for the state-of-the-art in reels, spools, bobbins, drums and packaging.

Articles include:
Innovative Reel Alternative
Reel Supplier for 20 years & to over 65 countries
Steel cable reels
Second-hand reels, bobbins & carriers
World-First, Semi-Automatic Machinery for Corrugated Flanges Manufacture
ABS or PP Spools for Cost-Efficient Automotive Wire Handling
Stamped Metal, Wood/Metal, Plastic, Hybrid Reels, Recycled Reels & More
Variety of Reels for Many Applications
Low-Cost, Single-Use Reels for a Variety of Products
Standard & Custom Packaging Reels for the Wire & Cable Industry

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