Innovative High Fiber Density, Low Fiber Count Cables with Two-Piece Armor

by Ellen A. Stupka, Bradley Blazer, Taylor Towery, Jody Greenwood, Ebna Zabir – Corning Optical Communications

Carrier networks continue to rely on armored cable designs to protect cables from external damage during and after installation, especially in aerial applications and when directly buried where protective outer ducts cannot be used. The steeltape armor and wire strength elements also provide a method for locating and tracing buried cables through electrical toning. Armored cable design for outside plant fiber optic cable has changed very little over many years, with the majority of designs using a single armor tape wrapped longitudinally around the cable core.

A newly designed armored cable utilizes a novel two-piece steel tape to provide protection to the optical fibers while also providing a quick and easy method for access to the fibers when combined with tear-facilitating coextruded features.

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