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High Bend Insensitivity of Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable

by Draka Comteq Germany GmbH & Co. KG

BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS) of Prysmian Group has upgraded its portfolio of Draka single-mode fiber optic cables with higher bending performance.
With the upgrade of G.652.D fiber to G.657.A1 fiber, customers will benefit from higher bend insensitivity of their installed fiber-optic network cables. Draka G.657.A1 fibers offer the highest reliability and performance as well as low bending losses—even in critical situations.

Draka G.657 fibers allow tight installation radii and are fully compatible with G.652.D fibers. And the upgrade to Draka G.657 fibers is free for customers.

The ever-increasing data traffic requires an exploding demand for transmission capacity and network infrastructure. Last but not least, new technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence support this trend. Optical networks must adapt to these requirements as quickly
as possible by increasing their dynamics, offering higher capacities and lower latency. At the same time, density is increasing and optical networks are reaching their limits in terms of space.

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