Product Monitoring & Process Optimization

by Joakim Larsson, CEO and Anton Jansson, CTO – Wire Innovations Sweden AB

First of its kind wire drawing process monitoring & optimization system advances as well as ensures
quality control of drawn wire product.

The wire drawing industry along with many other manufacturing industries are transitioning into the digitized era. The demand for a more sustainable production, higher quality products and cost reductions, drives the need for a quality control system in-line in the wire drawing process.

Such a quality control system could allow for an increase of productivity by being able to halt and correct the process in the event that a problem occurs, while also continuously monitoring the product quality. Today there are still no monitoring systems for the wire drawing process that are widely used in the industry. This leaves the field open for early adopters to take advantage.

At Örebro University in Sweden, the subject of how to monitor the wire drawing process has been a research topic for the last two decades. Many diff erent sensors and signals have been studied over the years. Some sensors have been found to give important information about the wire drawing process while others have been found redundant.

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