Fillers, Ripcords, Binders & Fiberglass Strength Elements

Founded in 1860 in Germany, the company Max Süss GmbH & Co. KG is looking back on 160 years
of company history and 160 years of experience in the production of yarns, twines and ropes.
Today, Max Süss is focused on producing industrial yarns especially for the wire and cable industry.
With new investments in machines and equipment during the last years, Max Süss offers the
complete portfolio of textile products, required by cable manufacturers.
Ripcords are twisted in various colors from polyester, polyamide, aramid or Vectran. Binder yarns
are mainly produced from super-low-shrink polyester or other fibers. Glass roving, as strength
elements for optical cables, is Max Süss’ latest product. All yarns can be applied with waterblocking
or nonwicking coating. Moreover, the main products of Max Süss are twisted cable fillers. Those
textile fillers – mostly from polypropylene, cotton, paper or polyester will be twisted (round or flat
shape) to the exact required diameter (±0.1 mm) in a range of 0.5 up to 8 mm.
Beside these twisted filler yarns, Max Süss offers multi-ply ropes in a diameter range from 1.5 up to
16 mm. These ropes will mainly be used in drag-chain cables and charging cables as fillers and
flexible strength elements.
One of the key advantages of Max Süss, is that all yarns can be supplied on big bobbins or even on
cable drums – of course without knots or splices. This leads to high running lengths and decreases the downtime in production for changing the material. All PP- fillers are also available as flame retardant plus halogen-free version.

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