Quality, Process & Tension Control Roundup

Quality, Process & Tension Control Roundup compiled by the Editors at Wire & Cable Technology
International. Suppliers have responded to our call for the state-of-the-art in quality, process and tension control equipment and technology.

Automatic Tension Control Pneumatic Stationary Wire Flyer Payoff
George Webb II, President, Precision Payoff Systems, Oneida, NY, USA, says, “At Precision, we have
over 60 years of experience designing and improving wire flyer payoffs. As innovators in payoff
technology, we make every effort to produce a product that will satisfy your budgetary constraints
while meeting your process needs. Our latest innovation featured here is the Automatic Tension
Control Pneumatic Stationary Wire Flyer Payoff. This unit not only provides consistent and
controlled line tension, but also allows you to separate wire more safely, efficiently and cost
effectively than ever before.
“Its overhead design eliminates the need for a person to manually handle the flyer arm, as the unit
remains stationary while a loaded reel is quickly positioned to it. A stationary flyer design makes the
set up very simple and easy for even a novice operator. Less handling also means less mishandling
and results in less damage to your payoff and other equipment.
“The automatic line tension adjustment feature minimizes the need for continual monitoring by an
operator. Line tension is maintained at your desired set point from full spool all the way to empty,
as well as from top of traverse to bottom. A large visual display allows monitoring of the unit to be
done readily and safely from a comfortable distance. – Read the rest of the Roundup in the digital edition

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