Turnkey Extrusion System Helps in Meeting Quality Targets for Tracer Wire

Copperhead Industries, Inc., Monticello, MN, USA, has partnered with Graham Engineering
Corporation to install a complete new American Kuhne extrusion line intended to meet growing
demand for Copperhead’s copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire.
Buried alongside pipe or other utility lines, tracer wire enables these lines to be located.
“Our ultimate goal is to continue providing a tracer wire system that utilities and engineers can trust
to protect their underground assets,” said Jeff Atwood, President of Copperhead Industries.
Complete Turnkey Extrusion Line
The new American Kuhne wire coating system from Graham Engineering is a complete turnkey
extrusion line, from a dual payoff/accumulator system to the take-up, and it includes all ancillary
equipment. The system applies HDPE insulation around the tracer wire and is sized to supply the
HDPE at the desired diameters consistent with various tracer wire requirements.
Included in this production line is closed-loop diameter control, on-line testing equipment to ensure
real-time quality monitoring and controls provided by Graham Engineering’s XC300 Navigator®
Copperhead Industries provides endto- end solutions for the accurate and efficient location of
underground utilities. The company’s CCS tracer wire and Complete Utility Locating System™ are a
crucial part of that process.
“Copperhead has invested in Graham Engineering’s American Kuhne system in order to meet its
strict internal quality standards,” noted Atwood. “One of our cornerstones is quality in everything
we do. This includes who we interact with, who we purchase from and the partners with whom we
choose to do business. Graham Engineering has proven to be one of those quality partners.” – Read full article in the digital edition

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