WCISA® Awards 11 Scholarships in 2020

WCISA® Awards 11 Scholarships in 2020
The Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association® (WCISA®) had a large number of scholarship
applications and requests this year. The competition was strong enough that the WCISA Board of
Directors decided to award multiple annual scholarships in 2020. The 2020 winners are listed below
along with the WCISA Member Company that they are associated with, either as an employee,
intern or as a child or grandchild of an employee.
WCISA 2020 High School Graduate Scholarship Winners:
• Chloe Ruelle, Condat Corporation, $1000
• Alexis Gause, Chase Corporation, $500
• Tyler Mathiasen, Mathiasen Machinery, $500
• Justin Menker, NDC Technologies, $500
• Kyle Ross, RichardsApex, Inc, $500
• Ethan Waddle, M Holland, $500
• Ryan Wasserman, IWCS, Inc., $500
WCISA 2020 Employee & Intern Scholarship Winners:
• Silas Osobajo, Stolberger Inc. DBA Wardwell Braiding Company, $1000
• James Brooks, RichardsApex, Inc, $500
• Alaina Mello, Teknor Apex, $500
• Lee Richmond Jr., Western Engineered Products, $500
The awards for each scholarship are to be used towards education expenses. The winners were
selected by the WCISA Board of Directors, which reviewed all applications. WCISA offers three types
of scholarships, as follows:
• WCISA High School Graduate Scholarship, awarded annually for high school graduates with a
parent or grandparent working at a WCISA member company.
• WCISA Employee & Intern Scholarship, awarded annually for people working at a WCISA company.
1/6/2021 Wire and Cable Technology International November/December 2020 2/2
• WCISA Special Scholarship for special circumstances.

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