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Technologically Advanced Wire Drawing Machines Made in Sweden

Ann Kathrin Hassenburs, Lämneå Bruk AB says, “Flexibility is the key to success for Swedish wire machinery manufacturer, Lämneå Bruk. The company has been in the wire industry for more than 100 years and the owner’s family is wired up for already 10 generations. The innovative Swedes are well-known for their highly customizable Wire Drawing Lines, completely manufactured on-site in Sweden to assure only the highest quality. Lämneå Bruk’s Drawing Machines stand for flexibility, efficiency and technological advancement paired with user-friendliness.

“Lämneå Bruk is the only European manufacturer who can supply three different types of drawing machines: a Straight Line, a Loop and a Control Line. All Drawing Lines have an extremely flexible machine set-up. It is possible to start on, bypass and finish on any block depending on the customer’s requirements.

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