Wire Breaks and the Role of Drawing Machine Operators

by: Konrad Dengler for NF Wire Forum (Non-Ferrous Wire Forum)

The latest NF Wire Forum focused on “Cup-and-Cone” wire breaks.

Due to COVID-19, the recent NF Wire Forum with English as the conference language was held online in October 2020. The webinar was organized by the consortium NF Wire Forum (Non-Ferrous Wire Forum), consisting of the copper manufacturer, Aurubis AG; the drawing die manufacturer, Balloffet GmbH; the lubricant manufacturer, Carl Bechem GmbH; the wire drawing machinery manufacturer, Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co. KG; the association, Deutsches Kupferinstitut (German Copper Institute) DKI; and moderated by Tanja Winter, Head of Marketing & Sales Rod at Aurubis AG. The event was dedicated to an interdisciplinary examination of “cup-and-cone” wire breaks. The lecturers from the consortium partners shared their specific aspects of this topic in short presentations. A recording can be found on the consortium’s home page:

“Cup-and-Cone” Wire Breaks Wire breaks can occur during the wire drawing process. They are the undesirable result of unfavorable interactions of forces, tensions and other physical phenomena in the wire material which exceed its tensile strength. The consequences are increased machine down times and scrap production…

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