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In-Line Annealing Process – As Important as the wire drawing process itself

Enrico Conte – Sampsistemi Srl

In today’s highly competitive market, wire manufacturers ask their suppliers to increase their product quality and production reliability, while at the same time reduce production costs and scrap rate.

For suppliers, the ability to offer high-quality lines for the wire and strand market represents a huge competitive advantage. That is why the Italian company, Sampsistemi, strongly believes in investing in R&D and focusing product development mainly on two key points:

  1. The development of new products.
  2. The continuous improvement of existing machinery

Considering the downstream process from rod to fine wire, be it single or multi-wire production, the in-line annealing process is as important as the wire drawing process itself, because it must ensure the required mechanical and electrical properties (elongation, mechanical strength and conductivity), maintain the wire diameter and roundness defined by the final die, and for metal-plated wires, ensure the integrity of the wire coated surface.

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