Shielded vs. Unshielded Cables in Power Over Ethernet

Darshana Bhatt, Md. Shahid Khan, Harsh Prasad – Sterlite Technologies Limited

The IEEE 802 standard has specified the requirement of power transfer through the signal carrying medium, which is the structure copper LAN Cables. IEEE 802.3af specifies 15.4 W power delivery over the LAN Cable and IEEE 802.3 at specifies the 30 W power delivery over the LAN Cable pairs. These power ratings were sufficient for applications like wireless access points, VoIP Phones and Access control. But now with the increased demand of data and new emerging applications like perimeter security, high-powered CCTV, Television, video conferencing units, high power wireless access point, desktops, healthcare, point of sale and new wifi -6 standard compliant access points, the IEEE 802.3bt standard specifies 60 W and 90 W power requirements, which are called PoE++ applications.

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