Heavy-Gauge Wire Processing with Unmatched Power

Johh Olsen – Komax Group, Artes

Taking heavy-gauge wire processing to the next level, the powerful and versatile Artos CS-370 from Komax cuts and strips thicker and shorter wires than ever before. The new powerful Artos CS-370 cuts and strips wires with an outer diameter of up to 35 mm and across section of 300 mm2.

Robust, reliable, accurate and productive, the CS-370 is also highly flexible. The CS-370 cutting and stripping machine can be retrofitted with a rotary incision unit as well as with wire-slitting and inkjet-marking features. The networkable unit is connected to the user’s MES via Komax’s WPCS protocol. Thanks to the legacy of the CS-327, the new CS-370 machine offers a broad range of tooling for specialized applications.

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