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Review on Solventless Magnet Wire Lubrication by Means of Wax-Impregnated Textile Yarn

Kai Boockmann & Michaela Boockmann – Boockmann Engineering GmbH

Mechanics of Magnet Wire Handling – Imagine an enameled wire, which is pressed to a plane with a load Fz, the friction force to overcome in order to move the wire is a function of Fz. For dry, solid sliding surfaces, the friction force is independent of the speed v of the movement, which is also true for wires lubricated with wax or wax-like materials. Lubrication with oil or grease results in viscous floating, which is dependent on the speed of movement.

For high winding speeds and winding density, often a solid dry sliding surface is required. This can be achieved, with limited success, by self-sliding enamels or, more successfully, by polishing with solid sliding agents, mainly paraffin and waxes.

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