Processing Pain Points & Solutions for LSZH Cable Compounds

by Vicky Cai – ChenDu Silike Technology Co.

As we know that a large amount of flame retardant fillers were used in low smoke halogen-free cable compounds, which result in a series of processing problems, in recent years silicone masterbatch was widely used in low smoke halogen free cable compounds to solve those processing problems.

Silicone masterbatch is a kind of functional masterbatch with various thermoplastic as carrier and polysiloxane as the function parts. On the one hand, silicone masterbatch can improve the flow ability of a thermoplastic system during the molten state, better the dispersion of fillers, reduce the energy consumption of extrusion and injection molding and improve the production efficiency. On the other hand, it can also improve the surface smoothness of the final plastic products, reduce the surface friction coefficient and improve the wear and scratch resistance.

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