Innovative Self-Annealing Microrolling: Copper Rod Breakdown Greener Solution

by Giuseppe Marcantoni, Properzi International, Inc.

Today, there is a global push throughout industry to increase efforts towards a greener planet as everyone strives to save even a small percentage of their energy consumption. Rightfully so, everyone is looking to be ‘greener’, to use less energy and to reduce their carbon footprint, in order to achieve net zero emission within their operations.

Continuus-Properzi has provided innovative technology for more than 75 years that has allowed the end-users of our equipment to be ‘greener’, in order to reduce their CO2 emission, well before being ‘green’ was in fashion. This began with Properzi’s disruptive technology for continuous casting and direct rolling of nonferrous metals, which completely changed the production method for nonferrous rod by making it safer, more economical, and above all less energy intensive thereby reducing CO2 emission.

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