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Applying Binder Yarns with Low and Constant Tension at High Speed Sets High Demands to the Quality of the Equipment and the Binder Yarn Material

To achieve optimum binding process requires knowledge about both the binder and material. With several decades’ experience within fiber optic cable machinery and materials, Roblon has established this knowledge and built up a position as market leader on binders and cable machinery and as a recognized supplier of high-performance fiber solutions to the fiber optic cable (FOC) industry. Roblon’s research and development specialists for machinery and high-performance fiber materials take advantage of each others’ competences.

Today’s mini and micro cables offer little or no margin for material shrinkage. Therefore, Roblon introduced an ultra-low shrinkage polyester binder yarn, and the machines are adapted to deal with the ultra-low shrinkage, and even a new Roblon Low Tension Binder machine has been developed and introduced to the market. Furthermore, the special winding and package stability ensures a smooth production process on the Roblon binders. To reach a controlled low tension, it is not sufficient to focus only on the material or the equipment. It is the combination of precision-wound, quality polyester yarn and state-of-the-art binding equipment that will ensure and achieve the optimal binding process. 

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