Reliable High-Voltage Measurement Technology For Electric Vehicle Sector

Sacir Adrovic SAB BRÖCKSKES GmbH & Co. KG

The growing importance of electric drive technology brings with it the need for reliable high-voltage (HV) measurement to ensure the operational safety
of onboard electrical systems and charging infrastructure. In addition to special cables for HV wiring, two German manufacturers, SAB Bröckskes and
CSM, have been developing measurement modules for the safe testing of HV components in vehicles and on test benches for a good ten years.

Today’s electric vehicles feature extensive HV networks, with a voltage of several hundred volts connecting the various electrical equipment. In addition to the battery and the inverter for controlling the three-phase machines, networked components also include smaller loads such as a DC/DC converter, battery cooling, heat pump and vehicle heating. To ensure operational safety, safe measurement solutions are required for high DC and AC voltages as well as all relevant physical parameters from temperature and acceleration to force and pressure. The scope and complexity of testing are increasing because the HV infrastructure in the highend vehicle range includes more and more comfort features, and heavy premium-range cars usually have several powerful electric motors.

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