Advanced Cold Weld Technology Saves Energy, Reduces Waste & Drives Down Operating Costs

by: Steve Mepsted, Managing and Sales Director PWM Ltd.

In today’s challenging economic climate, wire and cable manufacturers are looking to invest in
welding equipment that can help keep operating costs down while improving productivity. Low
power consumption is a priority, as are safety and ease of operation.

Cold welding, carried out at ambient temperatures, ticks a lot of boxes. The process is quicker and
more straightforward than electrical welding. No setup is required and the process creates a
metallurgical bond without loss of electrical integrity. Modern cold welding machines are clean and
simple to operate, reducing downtime and effort.
British cold welding equipment manufacturer, PWM, offers manufacturers a comprehensive range
of reliable, user-friendly manual and powered machines. While the manual models have the added
advantage that they don’t require any external power, even the largest hydraulic and electro/
hydraulic machines in the range are extremely energy-efficient, thanks to PWM’s advanced cold
weld technology. – Read the full article in the digital edition

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