Hysteresis Brakes with Electronics Tensioners

by: Matthew Wan Valid Magnetics Limited
The tensioner is the main component that maintains the appropriate tension during the process of
coil, wire and cable winding in order to produce quality products.
In a usual open-loop system, the accuracy can reach to within 10% of the preset tension value, while
it is degraded to more than 20% if the mechanical tensioner is used.
Hysteresis brakes are the core of ETA tensioners from Valid Magnetics Limited. When electricity is
applied to the field, it creates an internal magnetic flux. That flux is then transferred into a
hysteresis disk passing through the field without the use of magnetic particles or friction
As there is no direct contact in parts when the torque or tension force is generated, it is very
durable and maintenance is very easy. The linearity of hysteresis brakes is excellent within the
specific torque range we selected for the tensioners so that the tension force is very accurate and
smooth, throughout the entire speed range. – Read full article in the digital edition

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