Research & Evaluation on Optical Fiber Spools

by: Zhang Gonghui, Shen Qiangxing, Hao Changping, Zhou Zhongkai, Han Zewu, Chen
Wei, Song Jun, and Zhu Yonggang – Jiangsu Hengtong Optic-electric Co. Ltd. – Jiangsu Hengtong Optical Fiber Technology Co. Ltd.

In the process of optical fiber manufacturing, the optical fiber spool is recognized to play a
significant role in the quality of optical fiber traversing. The stress and deformation of spools are
inconsistent in the cases of empty, plateful and static, respectively due to the different loading
modes for varied types of proof testers. The protuberance, subsidence, or even twist may generate
even if it has enough space in the lines and automatic adjustment function. In addition, sufficient
data and experience evidenced that unlike the theoretical vertical state of flange, the flange tilt
degree differed as various types of the optical fiber spool were applied. The regular differences led
to the result that different types of optical fiber spool had different deformation under different
ways of machine loading, which in consequence complicated and diversified factors of the quality of
fiber. Through the theoretical analysis, experimental research and result analysis of the
performance of optical fiber spools, this article provides the theoretical basis and reference for
optical fiber manufacturers to select optical fiber discs rationally, so as to improve the quality of
optical fiber layout and reduce the fiber rewinding rate and manufacturing costs. – Read the full article in the digital edition

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