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Cold Welders & Butt Welders for Easy Handling & Repeatability

by: Dean Zhang, President Cablogic Technologies Inc

Cablogic Technologies Inc. has been supplying cold welders, butt welders and pointing machines to
the wire and cable industry in the USA for the last six years and is well known for the easy handling
and low operating cost. New welding techniques, tools and welding materials have been developed
to meet user’s stringent requirements.

These models are widely used on single fine wire drawing machines, superfine wire drawing
machines, multiwire drawing machines, and double and single twist bunchers. They are engineered
to be easy to use and portable.
Typically used for smaller copper and aluminum wires, different hand-held models are available for
wire diameters from as small as 0.05 mm to as big as 1.5 mm. – Read full article in digital edition

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