Manufacturing Larger Dimensioned Strands for Power Cables

by: Konrad Dengler for Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co.
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff has launched its latest developments in stranding technology—an
additional three types of double-twist stranding machines for spool sizes up to 2000 mm. The new
models D 1252, D 1602 and D 2002 are now presented by Niehoff, after having passed intensive
field tests done by renowned cable manufacturers.
Niehoff designed the new stranders, among others, for the manufacture of conductors with a
uniform lay direction (unilay) and a strand cross-section of 6 mm² to 500 mm². However, cable
producers have the option to also manufacture other products such as flexible control, connection
and motor cables on the new double-twist stranders.
The D 1252 model was the first of this new series to be ready for use in 2018. It is a consistent
further development of Niehoff’s proven D 1251, being fully equipped with a new Siemens control
and a Siemens HMI. To date, Niehoff has already delivered thirteen D 1252 type stranders to the
wire and cable industry. – read full article in digital edition

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