How Heat-Shrinkable Identification Sleeves Are Produced

by: Ron Goethals and Arno Kok – PTL bv Zuidergracht 12 3763 LV Soest – The Netherlands –

Used in Many Industries
Heat-shrinkable identification sleeves have been around for a while and are used around the globe for permanent
identification of wires and cables. Applications can be found in many industries such as for instance automotive, electronics, aerospace, rolling stock (metro, train, tram), marine, offshore and defense industries.

After shrinking, the identification sleeve will snugly fit around cable and wire, cable lugs, terminals, connectors and more. Besides the permanent marking, the sleeve can also be used for color coding, insulation, strain relief, mechanical and chemical protection in just one go. The right selected sleeves will meet performance requirements such as SAE-AMS- DTL-23053/5, VG 95343 T5, UL 224 and UL VW1. The easy-to-use heat-shrinkable identification sleeves can be printed by computer-driven printers with ink ribbons or by standard laser printers…

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