Processing Aid & Flame Retardancy Booster

by: Corina Neumeister, Reiner Sauerwein and Pia Lindorf – Nabaltec AG – Schwandorf, Germany

A novel mineral based flame retardant synergist for wire and cable.
Fire safety is a big challenge which is getting more and more important due to the continuously
increasing amount of plastic products in our daily lives. In the past, major fires have caused heavy
loss of life which shows that fire standards need to be constantly optimized and adapted to current
circumstances. One example of fire standards getting more consistent and stringent is the
Construction Product Regulation (CPR, EU/305/2011) amendment from 2017.
This regulation determines that all installation cables must be treated as construction products and
thus comply with the requirements given in the new harmonized standard EN 50575. This standard
specifies requirements for the fire performance of cables which are used as permanent systems in
buildings or tunnels. This includes power cables, control and communication cables as well as fiber
optic cables…

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