Low-Voltage Multi-Conductor Cable Tester

Margaret Bishop – CAMI Research Inc.

A Complete Cable Management System

CAMI Research Inc., Acton, MA, USA, manufacturer of the CableEye® brand of automation-ready
cable and harness test systems, has released the model M3Z low voltage test system. In addition to
checking for opens, shorts and miswires, the M3Z allows measurement of the quality of
connections, resistors, diodes and other measurement functions including for complex network
and backplane applications.
Measure 0.1Ω to 5 MΩ, and use the fixture-nulling feature to automatically subtract the resistance
of your test interface fixture. The control module has 128 test points plus a further 24 accessory
test points and expands as needed to 2560 + 24 test points. The system includes a miniDIN8 socket
for remote control, DB9 socket for probe/minihooks and a 24-pin header for an expander cable.
The M3Z ships with comprehensive, automationready software that allows for tester management,
troubleshooting, pass/fail testing and testing of any product volume and mix from prototyping
through to batch testing.

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