Untangling the Changes: An Update on Revisions to UL’s Certification

Susan Stene, Anthony Tassone, Principal Engineers – UL LLC

UL LLC is an independent, organization that has been evaluating products in the interest of public
safety for over 100 years. The UL staff is involved in many aspects of the wire and cable industry
and has worked with code authorities, manufacturers and various technical committees to develop
Standards for Safety for the wire and cable industry.
Many standards revisions take place over the course of a year. The reasons for these revisions can
vary—harmonization issues, changes in technology, and NEC code updates to name a few. While
the reasons for the revisions may vary, a review of upcoming standards proposals and recently
published revisions is important so that both manufacturers and users are aware of the changes
and understand the ramifications of the changes.
The appropriate steps can be taken to ensure that the product manufactured to these standards
continues to comply with the requirements.
Standards Writing & Development
UL uses its Standards Technical Panels (STP) process for consensus standards development. STPs
are an integral part of the process by which UL develops and maintains its Standards. An STP is a
group of individuals, representing a variety of interest groups connected to the UL Standard,
formed to review proposals for new Standards or revisions to existing Standards. While the STP is
responsible for reviewing and voting on proposed revisions, anyone can make a proposal to revise
a standard.

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