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Company’s Thermal Transfer Identification System is Now Available in the USA
Julie Biserta, Marketing Specialist at Cembre Inc., Edison, NJ, USA, says, “CEMBRE is glad to introduce in the USA, the MARKINGENIUS® MG3 universal and fast identification system, 100% developed by CEMBRE. The system is composed of a thermal transfer printer, the GENIUSPRO software and a library of over 10,000 unique labels. No ink equals no mess and no dry time!
“The MG3 by CEMBRE offers a new technology and way to print. It is now possible to replace the large format printers with a small and handy tool capable of creating wire markers and over 10,000 unique labels. “The thermal transfer printer can print 300,000 wire markers on a single ribbon (MG-TPMF 4 x 10 mm). It prints 112 4 x 10 tags in less than 12 seconds. Multiple wire marker types available to suit any need. The catalog offers long-lasting, durable and instantly dry ribbons available in several colors. The proprietary ribbon-save technology allows for a zero-waste system design.

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