Micro Masterbatches – For improved dilution in cable extrusion processes.

by: Eric Xirinachs, CEO – Delta Tecnic – www.deltatecnic.com

Market Tendencies for Building & Automotive Wires
Market and regulatory demands for buildings are evolving into more stringent expectations in terms of fire performance. Building wire manufacturers are constantly developing higher performing compounds, which demand formulations that remain competitive.

The automotive industry is also on the same track, pushing for lighter cars as well as responding to a higher demand for electrical vehicles with new technologies. These tendencies translate into pressure on the automotive supply chain to provide lighter and higher performing components. This includes supplying automotive wiring and cable that fulfills that demand, while at the same time, succeeding in high quality standards and regulatory requirements while remaining competitive.

In view of these demands on production cost efficiencies, the cable manufacturers’ focus is to develop new compound formulations with their suppliers to meet those demands, and at the same time work to increase production and speed parameters.

These continuous improvements or formulation changes in the base compound, pose a challenge to the coloring process of these insulations. As these developments progress, there is less dwell time in some cases for the color concentrate to completely melt and incorporate into the compound during extrusion. This can produce a wire or cable insulation with color irregularity…

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