Top Products of 2020

These are the winners in our 24th annual article on the top products of the past year.* Results are based on selection by the Wire & Cable Technology International (WCTI) Editorial Staff. *to be eligible, products must have appeared editorially in WCTI in 2020

Cable Gland Connection for Electric Vehicles
HUBER+SUHNER AG headquartered in Switz erland offers the RADOX® EV-C connectivity solution in
order to provide the automotive industry with a superior solution. This innovative cable gland
provides hybrid and electric vehicles, particularly trucks, buses, construction and special vehicles,
with a safe and reliable connection that is suitable for the most demanding applications. These
demanding applications include high temperatures, current peaks and extreme mechanical loads as
well as harsh environments. Additionally, automotive vehicle manufacturers along with their
suppliers were previously often required to source their cables, connectors and high-voltage
distribution units separately from a variety of different suppliers and then assemble these
components together themselves. However, HUBER+SUHNER AG has revolutionized this process by
offering the end-to-end interconnected system including high-voltage (HV) cables, the High Voltage
Distribution Unit (HVDU) and the RADOX EV-C cable gland connection for hybrid and electric

Cable & Wire Drying System Cuts Costs
Air Control Industries Ltd. (ACI®), Axminster, UK, offers the Cable Dryer and Profile Dryer
combination atomizes water and then collects residual moisture. Particularly effective in small
diameter production—where quality failure is common due to the presence of moisture—ACI’s
solution enables reliable production rates of up to 1200 mpm, proven to be the fastest drying speed
currently available on the market. The dryers improve efficiency, energy consumption and drying
speeds, up to 1200 mpm, on 0.2 to 65 mm diameter cables, while reducing quality check failure
rates and lowering cost.

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