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New LS Cable & System Plant in Africa: Now Supplying Cables to Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company
LS Cable & System has completed construction of its first African cable plant in Egypt. LS Cable & System established a joint venture with a local
cable installation company, MAN, in an industrial city near Cairo in January 2020. The joint venture produces overhead transmission lines for installation
on the pylons between power plants and substation. LS Cable & System also signed a contract with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company to supply cables for the new power grids being built for new towns currently under construction, and began mass production as soon as it completed the new plant.

Nexans Remains Airbus’ Major Cables Supplier With New Multi-Year Contract
In its long-lasting relationship with Airbus, Nexans, Paris, France, won a new contract to supply specialized aerospace cables and wires that form
the electrical backbone of civilian and military aircraft and helicopters. The new contract establishes Nexans as a major supplier to Airbus for high-performance, lightweight cables in support of new solutions for future generation electric and hybrid aircraft.

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