The Eisenhower Memorial Tapestry

Diane Pratt, VP Advertising and Marketing, Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. –

Jersey Strand and Cable Inc. and Sinc Inc. are proud to announce their collaboration on the strand and braid for the Eisenhower Memorial tapestry in Washington, DC, USA. These two companies worked closely to develop strand and braid with the ideal specs to create a beautiful tapestry that will last.

This remarkable stainless steel tapestry is the design of Frank Gehry and was created by Architect-Designer, Tomas Osinski. The tapestry utilizes both stainless steel strand, produced by Jersey Stand and Cable, Inc., and stainless steel braid, produced by Sinc Inc.

The Eisenhower Memorial tapestry measures 60′ high by 450′ wide and utilizes 600 different panels, making it the largest tapestry of its kind.

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