Inside a Mexico Manufacturing Wire Harness Operation

Mexico Manufacturing Tour Attracts Wire Harness Executives, Company Owners
What would draw several American executives and owners of wire harness-producing companies to take a full day out of running their business and venture down to a Mexico Manufacturing facility? Answer: An acute need for cost-competitive labor. This article takes an inside look at what these VIP visitors witnessed when they toured Entrada Group’s Mexico manufacturing campus.

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Measuring Systems Ensure Cable Quality in Automotive Extrusion Lines

For more than four decades, manufacturers in automotive cable lines worldwide have relied on SIKORA’s measuring devices to ensure the quality and dimensional accuracy of the core while reducing material consumption to a minimum. The CENTERVIEW 8000 is particularly convincing due to its versatile application possibilities. Whether thin signal cables, standard data cables or thicker battery cables, the CENTERVIEW 8000 is a true all-rounder

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Case Study: RFID Tracking Solution

First Electronics had a challenge with visibility in its production line. Jobs were being tracked manually in the organization. And once a job went into the production line and through the 15 process areas, there was very little, to no visibility, in regards to its location and status. This was creating major problems for management and the customer support team.

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