Case Study: RFID Tracking Solution

First Electronics had a challenge with visibility in its production line. Jobs were being tracked manually in the organization. And once a job went into the production line and through the 15 process areas, there was very little, to no visibility, in regards to its location and status. This was creating major problems for management and the customer support team.

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Turning Recycling into Circularity

In the 1960s, with no environmental requirements, nor regulations, NKT A/S, located in Brøndby, Denmark, pioneered the first methods to recycle cable scrap. And for more than 50 years has developed best practice processes for cable scrap recycling. And the legacy of cable scrap recycling continues at NKT to this day, ensuring the re-use of materials along with the sustainable disposal of nonrecyclable cable components.
The need for recycling of production scrap from power cables has increased steadily over the years, reflecting our society’s increased focus on re-use of the resources

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Webinar Explores Wire Harness Assembly in Mexico

Hourly direct labor rates can be as low as $2.30 per hour in Mexico, according to Entrada Group, which is co-hosting a webinar with Wire & Cable Technology International (WCTI) magazine on May 12, 2021. “This makes Mexico the most cost-competitive location in the Americas for wire harness assembly,” according to Entrada, which has more than two decades experience guiding wire harness-makers in setting up and running their own operation in Mexico

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